Remediation Equipment

Maintaining our own fleet of remediation equipment means we can save you time and money by handling everything in-house. At Ground Remediation Systems (GRS), we can also design and build specialist plant to suit specific site problems. If we do not have the necessary equipment, we can hire it from rigorously vetted suppliers. All equipment is kept fully serviced and maintained to ensure maximum performance and safety.

We own the following equipment:

  • Morawetz Profession 330RM windrow turner

  • 2 m3 four-rotor "Allu" mixing buckets

  • Containerised low vacuum soil vapour extraction (SVE) units

  • ATEX 3 rated containerised high-vacuum, multiphase extraction units

  • Water treatment systems with components such as oil–water separators, sand filters, air strippers and carbon filters

  • Containerised total fluids pumping systems

  • Containerised product skimming systems

  • Vacuum excavation plant

  • Custom-built in situ pilot test trailer