Case studies

Soil Stabilisaton

Case studies

Merseylink Soil Stabilisation

RemedX were tasked with a remediation project at Mersey Gateway which compromised of various excavation works to remove specific sources of soil and groundwater contamination. The main concern at the site was specifically with the miscellaneous screened soils and asbestos picked soils originating from various locations which are impacted by heavy metals and organic contaminants.

The contamination resulted from previous land uses at Meeshams land, Catalyst Trade Park, Unit 10 and the Ditton Embankment drainage excavation from where they were excavated.

The objective of these works was to process and treat all metal impacted soils on site in order to make them suitable for re-use, using the application of hydraulic binders as determined be the remediation options appraisal and detailed remediation method statement.

All pollutant linkages to controlled waters and human health were managed and mitigated during the treatment process. It should be noted that the bench scale trails identified that additional binders specific to the stabilisation of organic contaminators were not required.