Case studies

Pump and Treat

Case studies

Brighton – Application of pump and treat to remediate hydrocarbon-impacted groundwater

RemedX was commissioned to carry out pump-and treat remediation at an oil terminal in southeast England. The project aimed to promote hydraulic control of a hydrocarbon contaminant plume and to enable recovery of light nonaqueous phase liquids (LNAPL) during the pumping operation. Two sources of contamination were identified, including LNAPLs in the groundwater as a separate phase, and petrol- and diesel range hydrocarbons in saturated soil and groundwater.

The pump-and-treat system comprised 15 down-well pumps; a containerised air compression and control panel unit; and a water treatment unit, which included an oil– water separator, two sand filter vessels, two aqueous-phase granulated activated carbon vessels, a buffer tank and a product tank.