Case studies


Case studies

Rugby - Industrial site with chlorinated solvent and hydrocarbon contamination

St Peter’s Road is a 2-ha historically contaminated former industrial site in Rugby. RemedX was contacted to remediate the site where the contaminants included chlorinated solvents (soil, dense nonaqueous phase liquids and dissolved phase), lubricating oils (soil and light nonaqueous phase liquids), polyaromatic hydrocarbons and arsenic (soil).

The site, which had recently been purchased by a property developer, was in a densely residential area. The key remediation requirements were for the site to be suitable for a housing end-use, early completion of the northern part of the site to enable house building to begin and minimum disruption to neighbouring residential areas.

In the southern portion of the site, in-situ remediation was carried out to extract solvents from the groundwater beneath the site by high-vacuum, multiphase extraction process using an array of wells.

Impacted soil from three defined areas on the centre-east, north-east and north-west parts of the site were excavated and transferred to an ex-situ remedial treatment area in the central area of the site.

The following successful outcomes were recorded for the project:

  • the agreement of realistic remedial targets through robust risk assessment
  • a phased remedial sign-off through negotiation with the regulators
  • 20,000 t of waste and up to 1000 lorry movements avoided by treatment-based remediation
  • no complaints from residents or the public
  • remediation kept off development critical path through an innovative and flexible approach
  • avoidance of mid-development relocation of the site compound
  • early handover of the second and third phases, six and three months, respectively, ahead of schedule
  • house building starting within 6 months of factory closure and first house occupation within 12 months
  • cost £150,000 below the pre-contract estimate.