Case studies

Contaminated Water Management

Case studies

Glasgow - Water Management and steam cleaning of redundant gas tank holders

RemedX was commissioned by Dunbartonshire Council to install and run a 5m3/hr water treatment plant for removing hydrocarbon contaminated water from a redundant gas tank holder in order to facilitate future developments on the site. In addition, RemedX was instructed to steam clean the base and sidewalls of the tank to remove any residual gas tar which may be present.

RemedX was responsible for monitoring the quality of the water and maintaining compliance with the requirements of the discharge consent. A total of 546m3 of contaminated water was treated and discharged during the project. 

Following de-watering of the gas tank holder, RemedX completed the steam cleaning of the base and sides of the tank to remove any residual gas tar build-up. A high-pressure jetting unit was used along with the use of surfactants to remove the tar. The works were carried out under confined space regulations and all staff undertaking the works were confined space trained. A total of 2m3 of solid tar waste was removed from the base of the gas holder and disposed of at a registered waste facility.

Dunbartonshire Council were also concerned about the possibility that historical contamination was beneath the gas tank holder. Therefore, RemedX oversaw the drilling of 8 probe hole 1.35m below the base of the gas tank and obtained soil samples which confirmed that no hydrocarbon contamination was present.