Case studies


Case studies

Romsey - Bioremediation of the former Redland Tile Works

RemedX was commissioned by Banner Homes to investigate and remediate the former Redland Tile Works in Rudd Lane, Romsey, to pave the way for residential housing development. Tile manufacturing, which necessitated the use of sandpits, began in the 1940s and continued until the 1980s when the site became a car body repair garage and tool designer/manufacturer.

The surrounding area primarily consists of residential houses and farmland, although there are also extensive disused quarries that have been subject to landfilling to the east and south.

Seasonal ponds are present on the western portion of the site and there are numerous ponds/drains within the immediate vicinity.

A former canal track is approximately 700 m to the south-west, while the River Test is 500 m further in the same direction. Timsbury Lake is located 1 km to the south.

Key Features of the Project:

  • RSK’s strategy of reusing material on site was more than half the price of resorting to landfill disposal for the contaminated material.
  • Our strategy had to consider both the requirements of the client and local stakeholders. It included moving the treatment area to a distant part of the site, undertaking noise and dust surveys, and using silencers on most remediation equipment. As a testament to the strategy’s success, the programme was completed without receiving a single complaint.
  • RSK’s ability to offer the client a turnkey solution gave Banner Homes confidence that the remediation contractor would adhere to the consultant’s specifications.
  • A single point of contact was used ensuring client demands were responded to efficiently and accurately.
  • RSK’s project management framework enabled decision making to be undertaken in a swift and uncomplicated manner.