Case studies


Case studies

Moston - Bioremediation of a former manufacturing facility

RemedX was commissioned with the investigation and remediation a former manufacturing facility, ahead of the construction of a residential housing development. The site was used for numerous manufacturing purposes from the 1930s until it ceased operating in the 1980s.

The surrounding area consisted primarily of residential houses and was bounded to the south-east by a railway line located at the base of a steep slope.

Final validation

In the final stages of the remediation process, RSK recovered composite soil samples from each of the windrows and submitted them for speciated hydrocarbon analyses. The results indicated that the established target values for the individual carbon ranges had not been exceeded and, following approval from the local authority environmental health officer, the windrows were deemed to be suitable for on-site use.

Key aspects of the project:

  • 4800 m3 of hydrocarbon-impacted material was successfully treated on site.
  • Site-specific target levels were achieved.
  • The strategy of reusing material on-site was significantly cheaper than landfill disposal.
  • Reuse of materials on site resulted in lower carbon footprint and less disturbance to local residents, as lorry movements were kept to a minimum.
  • The strategy of preparing the treatment area in a distant part of the site caused minimum disturbance to local residents.
  • Reusing the material on-site resulted in cost savings from not needing to import material.