Case studies

LNAPL Skimming

Case studies

Wirral - Hydraulic and contamination control

The former Mobil oil blending and grease manufacturing plant at West Float Dock, Birkenhead, required demolition before being redeveloped. One of the challenges for this site was the presence of residual oils in below-ground structures and made ground.

RemedX was commissioned as the remediation contractor for soil bioremediation and light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL) removal across the site during excavation and demolition work.

RemedX obtained permission for equipment deployment under its environmental permit and a discharge consent for the treated waters.

The work involved:

  • Oil removal from boreholes using a peristaltic pump to minimise the volume of water removed and the disruption of static conditions. Borehole monitoring continued while RemedX personnel were on-site to assess the oil recharge. The oil was collected in intermediate bulk containers for disposal at a registered facility.
  • Oil removal from site interceptors using a peristaltic pump. The site interceptors were inspected, any oil found was removed and collected in intermediate bulk containers before disposal.
  • Oil removal from excavations using LNAPL skimmers positioned in those excavations containing oil.
  • Water treatment and oil collection. RemedX mobilised and operated 10-m³/h water treatment systems for the separation of the oil from the water, the treatment of the water before discharge under consent and the collection of oil for disposal.