Over a decade of cutting-edge experience


RemedX is a soil and groundwater remediation specialist. We have been leading the field in remediation for over 20 years, with a large portfolio of diverse projects. We have an enviable reputation for providing innovative, cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Through our years of operation, we have built strong relationships with regulatory bodies and are regarded as a highly competent organisation. Previous clients include the petroleum majors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, local authorities across the UK, a range of manufacturers and many major housebuilders. RemedX is unique in that it can offer a complete solution to its clients’ contamination issues. We can guide our clients from the procurement of land through to regulatory sign-off or be involved at any interim stage. We can design, fabricate, install, operate and maintain in situ and ex situ remediation systems in-house using our experienced personnel and equipment.

RemedX is a member of RSK Group plc, the UK's largest privately-owned multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy, and can draw on its extensive resources whenever necessary. For example, by teaming up with RSK Group companies we can offer to complete a cradle-to-grave solution from site acquisition to full clean-up.

  • In-Situ Pilot Testing
  • Remediation Strategy and Design
  • Bioremediation Feasibility Study
  • Soil Stabilisation Feasibility Study
  • Air and Biosparging
  • Bioremediation
  • Chemical Oxidation
  • Contaminated Water Management
  • Dual Phase Extraction and Multi-Phase Extraction
  • LNAPL Skimming
  • Permeable Reactive Barrier
  • Pilot Tests
  • Pump and Treat
  • Soil Stabilisation
  • Soil Vapour Extraction
  • Steam Injection

Ex situ bioremediation treatment of contaminated soils providing low-cost remedial technique.


Qualified waste management personnel providing secondment or watching briefs to ensure hazardous waste handling complies with environmental permitting.

Pump and treat

Water treatment of groundwater contamination or dewatering of excavations using our own modular water treatment plants

Soil stabilisation

Improvement of soil conditions using traditional and innovative binders.

Chemical oxidation (in situ)

Injection or direct mixing of chemicals into groundwater and soil for fast remediation of complex contaminants

Thermal enhanced extraction

Heating of the ground contamination zone to increase the rate and overall recovery

Air sparging

Injection of air directly into groundwater, volatilising contaminants and enhancing biodegradation

Soil vapour extraction

Vacuum extraction to remove contaminant vapours from the ground for further treatment on the surface

Pilot testing

On-site trialling of a range of remediation techniques to determine remediation feasibility and system design and provide information for a more accurate conceptual site model

Water treatment plants

Modular water treatment plants to manage construction dewatering and surface water run-off.